The biolink page

A biolink page is a single web page that groups together all your links: website, social media, contacts, products, services, latest articles, latest videos, images, podcasts, etc.

The biolink page simplifies the management of your social media profile, and helps your followers more easily find your links, find you on other social networks, and navigate your various links more easily.

It can also serve as a digital business card, easily accessible via an easy-to-remember short link, or even more immediately by scanning a QR code.

The biolink page is particularly useful for platforms that impose limits on link insertion (e.g., on Instagram, where links embedded in posts cannot be visited directly, and you find yourself resorting to mentioning “link in bio”). However, it can also serve as a summary page (or digital business card) for all other platforms: instead of placing a single link to your website, for example, you can point to your biolink page to show at a glance who you are, what you offer, and what the latest content you have published is.

Why create a biolink page?

We could simply answer this question with another question (“Why not?”), because there are many good reasons to have a biolink page. We try to list the main ones below.

Allows you to circumvent the limits of certain social media

On most platforms, you have the ability to insert links directly into your posts, links that can be visited directly by your readers. On other platforms (such as Instagram and TikTok, for example), however, you do not have this option and can only put a link in your biography. Manually updating this link with each new published post is cumbersome and does not allow you to maintain a history of previous links mentioned in older posts. This is where the biolink page comes to your aid, where you can list all your links mentioned in published posts, as well as other useful links, such as your contacts and other social profiles.

List essential information

You probably have a content-rich website, an e-commerce with many products/services, and lots of interesting content published on a variety of platforms, but your readers and customers are in danger of getting lost in a stream of information, unable to find the really important content. The biolink page can help you quickly and directly find the information your visitors are looking for, as well as draw their attention to the content that really matters to you: blog articles, products in the shop, services you want to highlight, etc.

You also have the option of displaying a list of certain content (e.g., blog articles, products, videos, etc.) automatically by retrieving, for example, a list of the last 5 articles directly from your blog, or 5 products on offer from your e-commerce, or the last 5 videos posted on YouTube. This way your readers always have a list of your latest content, but you don’t have to manually update it every time you publish something new.

Allows easy sharing of information and content

If you have a classic business card, perhaps you’ve had to make choices about what information to feature on it, since space is limited and a card overloaded with information is likely to end up in the nearest trash can. By inserting the short link (easily transcribed and memorized), or even better a QR code to your biolink page, you have the opportunity to exponentially extend the information you share, providing at a glance a list of all your important links to your contacts.

What does offer?

Unlike other platforms, which offer limited functions or require exorbitant subscriptions, aims to be an accessible, comprehensive, flexible and freely customizable tool. The platform is suitable for anyone from bloggers to marketing agencies, which have the option of removing any reference to, offering the white-label solution to their clients.

In addition to creating biolink pages, you have access to creating short links and custom QR codes. You even have access to a handy collection of 120 useful tools (image converters, link generators, character counter, password generator, etc.).

With the free plan you have the opportunity to test all the main functions of If you need more extensive functionality you can also try one of the paid plans for free for 7 days to be sure the platform is right for you.

Who can I ask for help?

Should you encounter any difficulties in configuration, or if something is unclear, please feel free to write to for help.

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