About us

1li.ch is a platform established in 2022 to offer a more comprehensive solution for creating biolink pages (also called “link in bio”). The platform was created and is managed by AMWeb.

Biolink pages, but not only

The primary function of the platform is the creation of biolink pages, but it also offers a wide range of other handy marketing tools, such as the creation of custom QR codes, as well as the creation of short links, as well as links to vCards, events, and files.

In contrast to other platforms, which offer limited functions or require exorbitant subscriptions, 1li.ch aims to be an accessible, comprehensive, flexible, and freely customizable tool. The platform is suitable for anyone from bloggers to marketing agencies, which have the option of removing any reference to 1li.ch, offering a white-label solution to their clients.

By subscribing to 1li.ch, you will also have access to a handy collection of over 100 helpful tools (e.g., image converters, link generators, character counter, password generator, etc.).

What is a biolink page?

A biolink page is a single web page that groups together all your links: website, social media, contacts, products, services, latest articles, latest videos, images, podcasts, etc.

The biolink page simplifies the management of your social media profile, and helps your followers more easily find your links, find you on other social networks, and navigate your various links more easily.

It can also serve as a digital business card, easily accessible via an easy-to-remember short link, or even more immediately by scanning a QR code.

The biolink page is particularly useful for platforms that impose limits on link insertion (e.g., on Instagram, where links embedded in posts cannot be visited directly, and you find yourself resorting to mentioning “link in bio”). However, it can also serve as a summary page (or digital business card) for all other platforms: instead of placing a single link to your website, for example, you can point to your biolink page to show at a glance who you are, what you offer, and what the latest content you have published is.

How much does it cost?

Registration is free: thanks to the free plan you have the opportunity to test all the main functions of 1li.ch. If you need additional features or more extensive limits, you can try one of the paid plans for free for 7 days to be sure the platform is right for you. You can find all the details at the plan comparison page.